Hello dear readers,

I am starting this blog on the occasion that I have officially accepted an offer to graduate school.

I will be studying biology, going for a Master’s degree and hopefully someday a Ph.D. As for right now, my focus is on my Master’s degree.  This is my second blog, my first being about the trials and tribulations of life as an undergraduate biology major.  I have discontinued that blog and will be focusing 100% of my effort on this blog alone.  You will notice on the right there is a cast of characters.  The cast is rather empty right now, as I am about to move over 1000 miles away from my undergraduate institute and begin a new life.  The only persons who are currently in my life ,who will continue to be in my life are my girlfriend, Pam, and my graduate advisor Dr. Jones*.  My Mother, Father and Sister, will be referred to as Mom, Dad, Sis or something like that, and need no pseudonym.  This decision is official as of Saturday, March 27th at noon.  So, you the readers are only four hours behind everyone in my real world.

I will go on to say that I was born and bred in Wisconsin, and have lived there my entire life, excluding college.  I will occasionally go off on how the Packers are the greatest football franchise to ever grace this Earth, how the Brewers will eventually surpass the Yankees as the greatest baseball franchise ever, and that the Badgers are the best collegiate sports team ever created.

I do not live anywhere near Wisconsin and haven’t since I was 18, but it will always be home.

The current trials and tribulations are associated with polishing off my undergraduate career, finding a new apartment to move in to, and somehow finding a way to get my crap from where my undergraduate college is, to where I will be attending graduate school.

For political reasons, and because anonymity gives me greater range of expression, I will be remaining as vague as possible, please respect my privacy and anonymity.  Any attempts to elucidate where I am attending graduate school or who I am will be squashed much like how a elephant squashes peanuts when hungry.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my mindless droning and would like to welcome you to continue to do so, and to comment as you see fit and appropriate.

Sincerly your humble narrartor


*All names have been changed, all characters assume a pseudonym given out by me, Pam is named for Pam from the office, with whom she bears a striking resemblance.  Dr. Jones is Indiana Jones, nope, he isn’t anything like Harrison Ford or Indiana Jones, I’m just not very creative.

**In Greek mythology, Epiphron (“prudence, care”) was the son of Erebus and Nyx; he was the daimon or spirit of prudence, shrewdness, thoughtfulness, carefulness and sagacity.  I like to think I have these characteristics, although I am not sure.


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