Transportation Issues

I have determined that a bike would be the best way to travel around the much larger university I will be attending this fall.  I have a good bike, that I haven’t used since I was…God, I dunno when.  Anyway, my stepbrothers have been using it, which I wasn’t entirely pleased about, but hey, I wasn’t so I didn’t complain.  Well, I got it back up to my college and have been looking it over, and one of the cables that run to the rear gear shifter thingy is rusted into its housing, so I need to look that over and get it fixed.  In the meantime I can ride the bike without the rear shifter working, but not sure I want to.

People always say “its like riding a bike.”  Yea, well when you haven’t ridden a bike in six plus years, you forget how it feels.  I’m really shaky, it is way different from my motorcycle, where you essentially lean a little and it turns, I know have to learn how to turn the handlebars, weird.

In other news, my account is about 400 dollars high.  Not sure why, and not really complaining, but I will have to go through my transaction history and figure that out.  I often times round up, so my account will be a little higher than it should be, but 400 is a lot.

Snarky McGeekerson had an interesting post today, there was a sing that said ‘If I quit graduate school I will lose my therapy and my health insurance, however if I quit I may not need the therapy.’

What the hell did I get myself in to?


~ by epiphron13 on March 29, 2010.

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