I should be more productive

But I haven’t been.

I really did kick butt earlier in the week, but I should continue to kick butt.  At first I was looking at apartments, which is productive, then I ate dinner and watched a Planet Earth episode.  Now by some miracle, Charlie Brown is on, I’m not sure which one, but it looks good.

Finding an apartment isn’t going to be great.  I looked at a place today, 400 a month, which is pretty good, considering I’m splitting it with Pam (oh, its an Easter special, didn’t know he had one) but do we get a place that runs closer to 700 a month, with all utilities, internet and TV included?  Or do we go for a place that is like 400 a month, and pay utilities and internet?

I tend to prefer getting a place where you pay everything separate, I mean, we don’t need cable*, internet, cable and phone** for 110, and the utilities on my current apt are only 85 a month, bringing the total to around 600 dollars, which would still be less than the more expensive apartment.


*Pam may argue with that…

**Whatever…we’ll take it…


~ by epiphron13 on April 1, 2010.

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