Snack of Maximum Goodness

Otherwise known as cheese apocalypse.

Take one part Earl’s Cheese Puffs*, one part Earl’s triple mix popcorn**, one part cheese it’s duos, Parmesan and cheddar, one part cheese spicy buffalo and ranch chips.  Throw them in bowl and mix somewhat, and then consume.

It is so bad for you, but so good!

We are still looking for apartments, found a few leads but nothing great.  Looks like we will be moving around June 1st, makes everything easier overall.  Still working out the technical details of how to get our shit down there.  Progress is slow.

*If you can’t find these, another brand will do, but really, I strongly recommend them.

** not as good as the cheese puffs, but the caramel corn is good, so I would recommend them, in a pinch another brand will do.


~ by epiphron13 on April 2, 2010.

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