Brewers dropped two against the cubbies, the last one was particularly painful because Bush appeared to have a fantastic outing, only giving up 2 runs.  If he can go the whole season pitching 6 solid innings and only giving up 2 or 3 runs, the Brewers will have a great year.  LaTroy Hawkins blew the game this time, pitching remains a problem for them.  Sad.

I was reading ‘There is a War Under the Bed…” a blog I follow quite regularly, and its author as of yet has not received any acceptance letters to graduate school.  From the sounds of it, she appears to be wait listed at three schools.  Which is not the most ideal of situations, there is another blog I stumbled across, and the blogger is  in a similar position**.  I’ve been reflecting a bit and considering my luck (?) in having my choice of four (five?) schools to go to, three with solid funding offers on the table.  My application is not that solid, I have a weak GPA, and my analytic writing score on my GRE leaves a lot to be desired.  Why was I accepted and not others?  What do professors really look for?  Was it because of my personal relationship with the PIs I intended to apply to*.  Was it my specific undergraduate research?  It is strange to think about, specially not being able to see how the other people went about their admission process, what did they write for a statement of purpose?  Did they visit the colleges?  Did they email them?  What is their GPA/GRE?  Do they have undergraduate research?  What level of schools are they applying to? Who wrote letters of recommendation?

I chose my schools very very carefully***, and somehow got in to my reach, but would have been very happy at my target schools also…

We have pretty much narrowed down the moving company options to two, both within the same price ballpark, we just need to figure out a few technical details, that is going to cost us close to $1 for every mile they move our stuff…The apartment situation isn’t looking bad either, one of Dr. Jone’s grad students**** has been nice enough to offer some assistance, and said is willing to take a walk through an apartment to ensure it isn’t a shit hole.  If she gives us the go ahead, we will be mailing a deposit down shortly and bam…done!

*I was talking to them LONG before I filled out an application, Dr. Jones I have been communicating with since the fall of 2007.

**Why on Earth is the ‘add to dictionary’ button so damned closed to the suggestions in spell checker?  Do you know how many times I added a word to my dictionary that I shouldn’t have, for fuck’s sake…

***I probably spent more time working on my graduate school stuff last semester than homework…

****Who shall remain nameless for the time being


~ by epiphron13 on April 14, 2010.

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