Pam freaked out yesterday.  I dunno what happened but something shook her, she came home, didn’t say hello to me, just went in to the bedroom, when I went to sit by her, she left the room.  She was definitely avoiding me.  So I watched baseball, she said she was going to go for a run, good.  Well, she was throwing shit around, looking for something.  Finally, she left and I didn’t hear her, she was in our bedroom crying.  So I tried to talking to her, and really had to pry it out of her.  She said she was stressed about the move, about school, about work, about her family, about everything.

She makes me nervous from time to time.  I mean, can she handle this shit?  It isn’t going to be easy, we are moving halfway across the damn country, and if she isn’t ready for this maybe it’d be best if she didn’t go.  I love her and all, but is she ready?

Well, we found what she was looking for, and she went for a run, she came back and everything was fine.  So maybe she just needed to blow some steam off?  Any advice?


~ by epiphron13 on April 18, 2010.

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