and disapointment…

Apparently the feeling of euphoria is short lasted.

Turns out the landlord wants a 12 month lease, not a 3 month sublease.  Sigh, so if we don’t like this apartment, we are shit outta luck for the 12 months.  Also, doesn’t look like pets are allowed, which is a big sticking point for Pam.  I hate telling here bad news, but she needs to know.

On the bright side, the apartment is around 720 sq. ft. which is slightly smaller than our current apartment, so it should work out pretty well*.  Our current apartment is a giant waste of space, it is around 800 sq. ft. but it has a side room, that is totally useless except for storing crap, and it has a long hallway that leads to a closet, it’d be a better use of the space to push the bathroom back, move the bedroom back and make it larger, and make the living room slightly larger, waste of space gone.  The whole hallway could be gone if you put a door going to the bathroom from the bedroom, which would make either the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom larger**.  I’d say about 200 feet of our current apartment are worthless except for storage.

The new apartment seems like it is using space better, the bedroom looks much spacier, it has a smaller living room, but has a dining room and an open kitchen.  I like the way it looks, except I haven’t actually seen it.  Sigh…who knew this would be so difficult…

*particularly since we have no furniture

** or all three


~ by epiphron13 on April 24, 2010.

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