We have an apartment!

Much jubilation is in order!  It is a really nice little one bedroom at a reasonable rate, and it is near the college where I will be working at.  I’m ecstatic, Pam continues to worry.  From our conversations I have asertained that will be worried non-stop until she arrives in collegetown, I arrive in Collegetown, both of our cars arrive in Collegetown, we have the keys to our apartment, our stuff arrives in Collegetown, our stuff is unpacked, and she gets a new job.

I suppose it is good one of us is worrying cuz I sure as hell am not.

I have to call the landlord tomorrow, or he is supposed to call me, whatever, I’m calling him at my convenience.

In other news boobs are quite powerful, even more powerful than I knew at first.  Guys, we all know what boobs can do, I mean I have been reduced to a blubbering pile of blubber by a pair of tatas, however I didn’t know they could cause Earthquakes.

The Packers have made a few draft moves, the most exciting is drafting Brain Buluga, I think he will turn out just fine.  Then they draft a DT in the second round.  Not really sure how I feel about that one, I feel like other needs needed to be addressed first.

In Brewers news, Jeff Suppan still sucks.


~ by epiphron13 on April 24, 2010.

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