Location, location…

For some odd reason, I have to imagine the blogs I read being in a location.  I usually just pick some town I perceive as a collegetown and assign it to a blogger.  It is kind of fun.  Assigning a location, allows me to better imagine things, and therefore sympathize, empathize, or just relate.  For any readers out there, imagine I am moving to Seattle*

I worked last night, it was a really great night, besides that one table that left me 26 cents in the shape of a smiley face, I made good money.  I needed to little boost of cash, so that should help.  I have a small surplus, but this weekend I have to go to Pam’s Cousin’s wedding, so that should evaporate quickly.  Regardless, I’m making progress, we should have enough money to be all right.

Calculus test today, I think I did alright, but I also thought I did alright on the first test, and I got a solid D+.  I just want to pass dammit!  Enough for today, not much to report overall.

I do not live in Seattle, I’ve never been to Seattle, and I may never go to Seattle, but Frasier is on, and it seems like a nice town.


~ by epiphron13 on April 28, 2010.

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