Finally over…

I am done with calculus, possibly forever, possibly not.  I took the test, had no idea how to do two problems*, was fairly confident in most of my answers but not all, and will hopefully pull a C on the final, so I can get a C overall.  Worst case scenario, I get a D-**, which means I will get some kind of D, move on with my life and never deal with it again.  Really worst case scenario, I get a F- on the final and fail the class overall, in that situation, I do not need that class to graduate and will move on and never deal with it again.  The ultimate worst case scenario is that I fail the final, fail the class overall, move to graduate school town, get settled in and this fall they tell me they are not going to let me study because of my F in Calculus, which would mean I moved halfway across the damn country for nothing.

Lets pray for a C and be prepared for a F.

On the bright side, I was able to sell my books back for a $140, which will pay for my utilities and money to put away for this week.  My Grandpa was very prompt in sending me the check for $1000, and I received it today, it is deposited, I am going to use some of that to pay off misc. bills, and then I will just keep putting money in my account, hopefully accumulating a significant amount, we shall see.

The rest of the week will be spend preparing for my biology exam.  At lease I know that the more time I spend with the material the better grade I will get as opposed to Calculus where there seems to be no evident pattern.

Ya know what, Fuck Calculus***

*That’ll cost me 30 points…ugh…

**What I’ve gotten on every other test, can’t see why this should change…

***Why do I feel like it is going to end up fucking me though?


~ by epiphron13 on May 10, 2010.

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