A new title

I have recently discovered that the new state I will be moving to has much higher insurance premiums than the state I am currently living in.  Bastards.  So I have begun to shop around for insurance a little bit, and intend to switch companies to one that is more affordable.  They ask various questions and at one point they asked what my profession was.  I looked through the list and had two answer that would have been fairly acceptable, student was the first, and scientist was the second.  Hell yes I went with scientist!  That was fun.

I talked to my calculus teacher, and he determined that I will likely get a D on the test, and will probably get a C- or a D+ overall.  Whatever, good enough for fucking government work.

I am doing laundry right now, and this girl walked in, and her pants were hanging so low you could see her ass crack.  She was very not attractive.

I have begun to study for my biology final and am doing really well, quite ahead of schedule.

Also, I am going to go on a diet, I’m up to 271 pounds, which is simply to much, so I am using Livestrong.com to help me monitor what I eat, I am going to try to reduce my calorie intake by 500 calories per day, which should amount to a one pound a week loss, which isn’t much, but by the end of the summer I could be down 16 pounds, which is an improvement.  I may reduce my calorie intake further after a few months, but I figure 500 in a good place to start.  Its a really good site, and it should help.  It adds up how many calories you consumed, and then subtracts how many calories you burned working out.


~ by epiphron13 on May 12, 2010.

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