Forget Kidneys! (I even hate kindey beans!)

I am currently studying for my biology final, which usually is not a problem, but one of the topics covered is excreting nitrogenous waste, which naturally brings the topic of the kidneys up.  I have never understood the kidneys.  I mean, I get what they do, but how they do it, fuck… I mean there is all these solutes and water moving back and forth, I can’t see how the kidneys do anything or produce anything!  It seems like everything they take out of the blood they put right back in.  It is so ass backwards.  Fuck the Loop of Henle and every other part of the kidney.  Fortunatley the way she structures her tests, I will have about 15 questions to choose from, and only have to answer ten, so I can avoid any questions relating to kidneys.

Yesterday I was under my caloric limit by 240 calories, which means I shaved about 740 calories off my baseline needs.  I am trying to keep my meals down to about 500 for lunch and dinner, and around 750 for dinner, which means I can consume a few late night snacks and some beer.  Turns out Busch Light only has 90 calories, not to shabby!  Popcorn is another great snack, and entire bag of popcorn comes in at 65 calories.  I also may start eating cereal, one cup of cereal with milk is only like 130 calories, which is pretty damn good.  In addition, Bird’s Eye Terryacki Stir Fry is pretty good too, the chicken we put in it had more calories than the actual stir fry.  I need Pam to eat that bag of cheese puffs though because they are beckoning to me, and they are not good, not good at all.

Last final of my undergraduate career is tomorrow.


~ by epiphron13 on May 13, 2010.

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