Pam has been having stomach problems for some time now, I’ve had many theories ranging from stress, to constipation, to her gall bladder, most turned out inacurate*, however the doctors are saying the gall bladder is the culprit.  She needs to have hers removed, the gall of it!

I shouldn’t joke, this is a serious operation.  It couldn’t have come at a better and a worse time, we are in the middle of moving halfway across the damn country to a place that will be her home for the next few years, and she has to get this figured out before we move.  It is good however, because she won’t have to take off work since she is in between jobs, it is bad on the same token, because she doesn’t have a job to pay for it.  Also, if she has to come in for a post operation checkup thingy, she will have to drive 900 miles, since she won’t have insurance in our new state.**  All in all I think it is good, at least now we have some answers and some kind of semblance of why she has been in pain.  We just need to get everything sorted out and get her in and fixed up.  I’m glad they figured it out.

*I’m a biologist, not a doctor dammit!



~ by epiphron13 on May 14, 2010.

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