I have arrived in the town that will be my home for 2-6 years!  First impression, its fucking hot here!  Shit son, it felt like 97 according to weather bug, to me it felt like the surface of the sun.  Our apartment is nice, if not a touch small, the big downfall is minimal storage space, but it more than makes up for it with charm and accessories.   Pam is slightly skeptical and is recomending we look for a new place when our lease is up, but I don’t think we are going anywhere.

We cruised around MRU a bit, and damn it is big!  We were on campus, and then we got lost, but I found my building, I will have to figure out how to find it consistently.  It is a total 180 from my PLAC, which is fine by me, I should experience new things.  A major college, in a major athletic conference will be interesting, they also have quite a few frats and sorieties, so that will be a new experience, trust fund babies, there were not many of those at PLAC.

Unloading today I almost passed out of heatstroke, thank god for AC.  It is funny, but the thermostat is at 79 degrees and I’m comfortable!  Maybe these southerners are wearing off on me…odd.

We have all weekend to explore, and then Monday I start work (scary!)

This is great.


~ by epiphron13 on June 5, 2010.

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