Pam is going going through her medicine cabinet and sorting out what we should keep and not, pepto bismol, gone, hydrogen peroxide, keep, muscle relaxers, get rid of.  There has been a lot of condensing around our apartment recently.  Like I said, the apartment is smaller than we would like, and has no closets for storage*.  Regardless, the apartment is nice and everyday we like it more.

Tomorrow is my first day of work.  This should be exciting.  I am worried about how hot it is, I mean, I plan to wear khaki pants and a polo, which isn’t to bad, but it is really fucking hot here and I don’t want to be a sweaty mess.  I will get a definite schedule and will determine what I can wear on a daily basis, I will also get keys and stuff of that nature, and will have a consistent schedule.  I’m rather excited.

Pam also has a busy day tomorrow, she has to start her job search.  Money is getting tight and her getting a job would help quite a bit, I’m not sure how I am going to stretch the funds I have, but it should work out.  Let’s just hope that I get paid at the end of month as opposed to having to wait three months.  Worst comes to worst, I can borrow some additional funds from my family.  Pam also needs to look in to where she is going to college next year, she has some good ideas and has been making good progress, but it is starting to make me uneasy.

Our crap still hasn’t arrived and is sitting on a loading dock an hour away from here, they are going to try to get it here by Tuesday, but may not be able to.  If they can’t we should get some money back from them for the inconvenience.  I’m not going to lie, I’d rather go a few more days without my crap and get the extra money back.  Our current living situation isn’t to bad, just slightly uncomfortable.  We are sleeping on an air mattress,and we have no couch.  We won’t have a couch when the moving truck arrives, but we will have a table?  We need to find a couch too, we looked at rent a center, but I don’t trust those fucks.  There is a used furniture store in town that we need to check out.  Hopefully we can get something that isn’t atrocious for under $200.

Life is fun.



~ by epiphron13 on June 6, 2010.

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