Trouble Sleeping

For some reason I can’t sleep right now.  It could be because I am hungry right now*, or it could be that there is a lot on my mind, but whatever the cause, I’ve just been tossing and turning and keeping Pam awake.  I got word from the moving company that our stuff will arrive Sunday.  Unfortunately, we are only compensated for what our rent is daily, plus food and other expense, we will likely only get 200 back.  However, we kind of intend to eat out as much as possible since they are paying for it, and we will likely go grocery shopping for the next week Saturday night, get lots of veggies, some fish, chicken, potatoes, good stuff to eat.  I figure they are messing up my life, may as well take advantage of it.

I work again tomorrow, my second day overall, I completed all the necessary safety training, one of them was on the IRB, totally useless since I won’t be working with humans, one was on mentoring, semi useful, one was on academic integrity, which showed me exactly how complicated the issue can be, and the final was on animal specific handling requirements, only they didn’t have my organism, as a point of fact, they neglected the entire class of species I’m working with, which considering it is one of the five chordates, was impressive.  You’d think if it has its own ology and society named after it, there should be a handling series on it**.   Regardless, I have it completed, I was also told to sign up for fall classes, I am taking, an intro to grad school in zoology and the first sequence of my stats course.  There are not a whole lot of options for the first one, but there are three profs for the second class, and since my math skills are not the highlight of my transcripts***, Dr. Jones and I think I should take the easiest professor.  That being said Dr. Jones mentioned the range of teachers will be somewhere from awful to bearable.  Fucking joy.  I guess if I flunk out of grad school in my first semester I can become the best high school teacher ever right?  Dr. Jones recommended I talk to the other grad students and figure out which one is the most bearable.  Great plan, but I don’t know any other grad students, so I will just have to hold off on that one til I meet a few.

I also talked to my downstairs neighbor a bit, he seems like a good kid, a little bit younger than me, but exceptionally polite and slight awkward, which is fine by me.  He also has two pets, and my landlord knows about it, so while I’m sure my landlord is attempting to discourage pets, we can use my neighbors pets as leverage.  So we shouldn’t have a problem getting a pet eventually.

I’m going to read some blogs and head to bed.  Night all…

*Lunch was 1100 calories, and since I am only allowed 2500 overall, that made the rest of the meals rather meager, I still may grab a sandwich before bed….another sandwich would put me 14 over, which isn’t bad overall…

**i.e. Ichthyology, ornithology, entomology, Association of Ornithologists, ect…

***See earlier posts about how much calculus sucked dick


~ by epiphron13 on June 10, 2010.

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