I’m not sure why, but the post titled ‘It begins…’ didn’t publish when it was supposed to, so I published it today, about a week late.

Life here continues to be pleasant, the town is pleasant, the university, pleasant, Pam has been pleasant, life has been really good actually.  Dr. Jones has me working on a project, I don’t think it will lead to a publication, but is a way for me to investigate a question and contribute to the lab.  The work is tedious, but not horrible, so I don’t mind it.  Beyond that I have been working the animals and learning to care for them.  They are neat little buggers, and while often times can be little bitches, they make up for it, and are overall a good organism to work with, more complicated than fish, but less complicated than humans, so I will take it.

Dr. Jones seems like a great adviser,  both of the other Graduate students have said he is best adviser on campus, which is comforting, and one of the undergrads, said he is the best professor on campus, which is even more encouraging.  I’m feeling very comfortable, and am enjoying my time here.  I have met the rest of the lab, they all seem nice, although one of the lab members I have only met briefly, she also had her kids with, which distracted her significantly.  All in all life is good.

Pam has a job interview tomorrow, which I know she will ace, hopefully they her inability to life won’t hurt her, I’m hoping they say, we will hire you, and start you on orientation, but can’t give you shifts til it clears.  That would be the best situation for both of us.  Tonight we are going to barbecue chicken and put it on little king’s Hawaiian dinner rolls, and make chicken sliders!  I am very excited about that, and very hungry.

All of our stuff arrived, and while it was five days late, everything was intact, which is the most important thing to me, we should get some money back from the moving company too, which will be helpful.  Well, I’m going to clip my nails, something I’ve meant to do for several days now.


~ by epiphron13 on June 15, 2010.

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