It begins…

I met with Dr. Jones today.  He wasn’t what I was expecting, but people seldom are when you meet them in person after communicating for a while via interwebs.  He seems nice, he explains things very clearly, although he kind of rambles, but not in a bad way*.  I don’t foresee any problems working with him and am now convinced that I made the right decision in applying and coming to MRU.  I have some online training to do**, and some other things to think about in the meantime.  I should be getting an office in a week or so.

Oh, side note, I was filling out paperwork and a guy walked in, he was wearing a t-shirt from a town that I used to live in.  Really really small world.

*One of the people I used to work for could talk for 45 minutes and say something that could be said in 1 minute.  So annoying, he is nothing like that, just a bit over descriptive, however, that is much better than under descriptive.

**CYA crap for the college, whatevs.


~ by epiphron13 on June 15, 2010.

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