Science is a slow and steady grind….

I am easily excitable, and I thought I found something rather significant.  Right away my mind raced and I began to imagine publishing this interesting detail, showing something new about this animal’s behavior, and going to conferences to present this, and telling people how I discovered this.  Upon further review, it is not important, at all, and just an artifact.

Despite my mind rushing to conclusions, progress is being made, and I am finding what I expected to find.  Which may be good, or it may be bad, hell if I know.  I will probably talk to Dr. Jones about it tomorrow or Monday.  It isn’t really pressing, but  I need a redirect*.

Pam starts her overnights tonight, she didn’t get much sleep today, despite the fact she tried so it could be a long night for her.  Not a whole lot I can do to help her, I tried to stay as quite as I could when I got home, but I don’t think it helped.  Her clock is just off from where it needs to be.

We are both losing weight, I am down 17 lbs from 6 weeks ago**.  Pam is down some, but I’m not sure how much.  A bigger concern is that she has been losing weight to fast, like a half a pound a day, which is bad.

Tonight and tomorrow I think I am I am going to sit in my office and go over the data as much as possible in hopes of finding something fun and interesting.  I will be making graphs for many many hours.  Which is fun, I like graphs.

On the bright side I definitely have some questions I’d like to dig further in to and do a bit of research, so hopefully that will result in a thesis or whatever the hell I do next?

Life continues to be good for me 🙂

*I occasionally need to talk to the person supervising me so I can remember what the hell it was that I am looking for.  I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

**Way more than I wanted, but I lost a bunch of water weight, so it is more like 12 lbs, which still puts me at 2lbs a week, instead of the 1 I was shooting for.  I guess 2 a week isn’t to fast though…


~ by epiphron13 on June 18, 2010.

One Response to “Science is a slow and steady grind….”

  1. I think everyone has had a moment like that, where their brain jumps ahead to conclusions about what they might be seeing.

    Also, I have that comic on the door to my office. 😉

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