Well, progress!

Pam now has a job that actually pays a decent wage, she will be making more a month than my grad stipend, quite a bit more actually.  She is not sure if she is going to go to college, or how that is going to work out.  She can go full time, but isn’t sure how that will work out, or take a few night classes and be half time, or just focus on working the entire year, or take one semester off and then start up in the Spring.  Each has its own advantage, and she will figure out what is best for her.

Tomorrow I start statistically analyzing the data I have collected the last couple of weeks.  I haven’t had a lot to do recently, I just kind of hit a point where I don’t know what to do anymore.  Once I learn how to do this though, there should be progress, I will either start writing the paper, or start something else?  I’m not really sure, I will probably be helping my labmates out with their projects to a bit more.

Turns out one of the new grad students in my department was one of my neighbors, and here 900 miles from home, we run in to each other.  We will probably be buddies simply because, we can relate to each other and know where each other is coming from, figuratively and literally.  We also have similar aspirations, and like the same sports teams, always a good place to start.  I am going to try to start writing blog posts in Word and then copy and pasting them to wordpress, so I can blog, but not feel bad about sitting in my office doing nothing productive.  So hopefully my posts will become more frequent.


~ by epiphron13 on July 7, 2010.

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