Back to the Board

I was hoping what I have been working on the last month would generate a paper, and unfortunately it does not appear to be so.  However, there is still talk of a presentation, so not all was lost.  I really wanted a paper, somehow I felt like that would make a real grad student.  I guess, it isn’t a big deal, I mean I just started out, and will be here another two years.  In the meantime, I am going to start digging in the literature, I have been coming to the conclusion, that most people here are much more well read in the literature than I am, and I need to rectify that.  I am even thinking the other first year grad students are more well read than I am.  I downloaded 6-7 papers to hash over, and get more acquainted with.  I also intend to use Web of Science to look and see what has come of these papers, as most of them are a few years old.

It seems like so long ago I put a post up.  We have a kitten whom we will call shithead.  That being said we love him, and he has quickly become accustomed to us and frequently demands attention.  Brat.  I went to a gathering of the grad students the other night.  It was kind of strange, because Pam worked that day, 12 hours, and she didn’t seem up to it.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to go, so we popped in a movie in the meantime, Pam fell asleep like she always does, and around 8:30, I woke her up and asked if she wanted to go.  She didn’t and I said, well I am going to go.  I went, had a great time, met a bunch of people who were extremely welcoming.  Upon arriving home I was in the doghouse.  Pam felt as if I didn’t want her to go, and after me explaining my situation we kissed and made up.  With that domestic tranquility was restored.  We also began to attempt to train the kitty to use the toilet.  We started by slowly raising his litter box up the level of the toilet, and he is now using a bowl that sits inside the toilet.  Our next step is to try to teach him to perch on the seat.  After that we will start using less and less litter, til there is none.  Then we add water little by little, and then no bowl.  We will see how it works, but so far, snowball has done well, and is taking it in stride.

I have lost 23 lbs as of today.  Today also marks start of the third month of my diet.  So I have lost 23 lbs in two months, or about 10 lbs a month.  My weight loss is remaining constant, however, a large portion of that loss was water weight, so I should be losing about 5-6 lbs a month from here on out.  I hope to be at my target weight by the start of next summer.

That is about all to post for now, I noticed a spike of readers one day, and I attribute it to Eugenie, so thank you for that spike.  Hopefully posting will become more regular from here out.


~ by epiphron13 on July 13, 2010.

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