I forget how long it takes a journal article to sink in to my brain.  Often times I have to read and reread them several times before I can get anything out of them.  I read all of the articles last night, and have found a new batch to dig in to.  One seems really cool and is an aspect that I don’t think anyone has covered.  There may however be nothing to it, I will have to look at some data that was collected before and look.

As for right now I am sitting in my office, just relaxing, downloading some more articles, I will likely be heading home in the near future, I have a pretty good collection right now.  Pam works again today, so I am on my own til she comes home later.  There really isn’t much to do besides read journal articles and play video games.

I ordered a book online, it is basically statistics for dummies.  I have to take stats in the Fall, and considering I passed precalc and calc with a C+ and C- respectively, I figured I’d better brush up on my stats skills and hopefully be ahead of the curve rather than behind it.  I can’t get a B-, because of my low GPA, I start the year off on academic probation, so one B- and I am out the door.  All I can do is put forth my utmost effort, and hopefully it will work out.

That’s it for now.  Later.


~ by epiphron13 on July 14, 2010.

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