An Idea

All of this reading journal articles has been frustrating.  I have read large quantities before, and it seems like they stuck in my mind better, specifically during my undergraduate research.  Recently however, it feels like I can’t remember which article is saying what and why.  A revelation came to me last night, during my undergrad research, I was writing about the articles, so I would read a bit, and then cite it in my paper.  After a while you just start to remember that Gradstudent and Investigator, 2009 were talking about these specific details.  So I’ve determined that I need to start writing a brief summary of what I read, maybe a paragraph or so, just what the general jist of the paper was about, and how it might be useful to me.  That way, if it doesn’t stick in my head, I will be able to look it up, and it should help stick in my head better overall.  We will see how this system works, I intend to implement it today.  Fortunately, time is on my side, and if this does work it will make my life so much easier come this fall.  Better to learn these things now. I am so happy there was funding for me to come down early. If anyone else has suggestions on manuscript reading let me know.

I am noticing that the blogs I used to read when I was undergrad, they seem to be shutting down or posting less.  Geeka still blogs quite a bit, but young female scientist rarely posts, Dr. Brazen Hussy hasn’t posted in over a month, and Southern Grad Girl shut her blog down a long time ago.  I guess times change.  When I was reading those blogs, I always wanted to join them in blogging, but was obviously not blogging at the time.  Now I’m a grad student and blogging, and they seem to be disapeering.  However, there appears to be a new wave, Eugenie over at There’s a War Under the Bed, I’ve been following her for about a year now, I recently began following 49 Percent, which is an excellent blog*.  Also a while back another blog came to my attention, C6-H12-O6, which I haven’t had a chance to start following**.  One thing I’ve noticed is that they are all female, are there any guys out there, or do I solely represent the male sex?  Perhaps after the carnival I will have a better idea, I also intend to raid their blogrolls and get a feel for who else is out there.  Female Science Professor seems to be ageless, always useful, and always present.

Well, I have about 2 hours before heading in to the lab, so I should get reading.

*Note to self update blogroll….

**But I will….


~ by epiphron13 on July 18, 2010.

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