I’ve attempted to comment on others blogs a few times now using my wordpress ID and I have failed miserably.  Any advice?

Pam and I went to the ER last night, her stomach was having pains again.  The ER doctor really couldn’t doing anything, because it is a chronic condition, we should have known better and just scheduled her to see a primary care in the AM or after work or whatever.  He didn’t have the best bed side manner, but he was at least frank with us.  Shithead is making a ton of noise, little bastard.  I’m probably going to head in to work soon, I need to send an email to a bigwig*, asking him a few questions about something minor in one of his papers.  He noticed something, it could be the same thing I noticed, or something different, which is why I need to contact him.  I also need to do a big of digging, Dr. Jones has a hunch, and I am going to follow it up, hell there is nothing else to do.

*The guy publishes more in one year than I can hope to publish in my entire graduate career.  He probably published more last year than my SPLAC did.


~ by epiphron13 on July 20, 2010.

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