So, my weight loss has stagnated big time.  This morning I weighed what I weighed on July 1st.  That means over the course of this month I’ve maybe lost 2 lbs.  Which is frustrating.  I was doing so good for so long.  I think the problem is I am eating to little during the day, so at night, I have lots of calories left over and I eat to much, meaning my sugars are up right before I go to bed.  So I am going to start shooting for having 80% of my calories gone by dinner time, so all I can eat at night is a snack.

Pam and I had a heart to heart and I think things are better now, or at least they have been.  So things are good on the domestic front.

I’m pretty sure I have an idea for my thesis, however it might be to big and to complex to complete in two years, I will have to talk to Dr. Jones and figure that out.  We will see.


~ by epiphron13 on July 25, 2010.

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