Do I have to go to school?

Pam works at the ass crack of dawn, so when she gets up, I tend to get up.  Which is a good habit to get in to, I don’t need to be spending all night awake like I used to, but I am sleepy today, maybe I will make some coffee before I head off to work.

There was a grad student party last night.  It wasn’t nearly as much fun as the first one, I was introduced to a few people, but really didn’t talk to anyone, Pam and I just kind of hung out by ourselves and talked the the guy from  back home.  The first party people were exceptionally warm and welcoming and it was easy to feel relaxed, here not so much.  We only stayed for a few hours and then left.  With time I am sure I will get to know everyone, but for now, fuck it.  I’ll deal with that later.

I need do do some more reading today, I think I am going to go through and review the journal articles a bit more and then try to find more studies that may be related to what I will be doing my thesis on.  Maybe I will help out with animal care, although I don’t think so because I’ve done it the last two days in a row.  Ugh…I need a shower.


~ by epiphron13 on July 26, 2010.

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