I have a problem.  This isn’t my first blog, actually I moved here from another blog that I deleted because I felt I have given away to many details of my life.  I want to remain anonymous, so much so that I refuse to mention to anyone I know that I even write a blog.  There are few pseudonymous bloggers out there who know what state I live in, and my past identity, but that is all the information I will give out.  It is a really small world, I can count five labs* who work on similar studies to ours, and my P.I. knows all of them.  There are maybe 10 in the world who do very similar work to ours, and they all seem to know each other, because they cite each other’s literature thousands of times.  While the traffic here is very low, maybe 5 hits on a busy day, I prefer to remain as anonymous as possible.  However, I am having a problem.  I haven’t figured out how to comment on a blogspot blog with my wordpress account.  Which means I tend to revert back to my old identity.  I would prefer to simply build one identity and stick with it, so that needs to be figured out.

I am debating if I want to go to work today, there is really no particular reason to.  I’ve read about as many of the journal articles as can be expected**, and I have a really damn good idea on how I’d like to design a research project.  It has the beauty of being multiply leveled, Dr. Jones submitted a paper a while back that was rejected based on a technicality, however, what he found in that paper is important and should be published.  It isn’t what I am interested in, but with a few tweaks to my project we can redo the experiment, and fix the technicality.  That is good for me, because I have a pretty good idea what the results are going to be, and gives me something to do while I wait for the larger question to answer itself, good for Dr. Jones because then his idea can be published.  The question I want to address is kind of 50/50, largely because the concept is well documented in a related species, but because of the differences, the driving force behind it may not be there, but it is a damn good question, so I want to pursue it anyway.

The problem is I don’t think we will have the resources this year.  Which may push me back to far to actually answer this question, but who knows, we may be able to acquire the resources in the next couple months, Dr. Jones would know, so I need to talk to him about it.

I’ve been quiet when other grad students ask what I’m working on.  Not because I’m afraid they will steal my idea, the other people in my lab already have projects, and the only other lab that would be interested, well they work with the related species that it is already well documented in.  I almost feel like saying, ‘Yea! I have this great project lined up even though I’ve only been here for 2 months.’ seems arrogant.  I know I am making good progress and so does Dr. Jones, that is all that matters***.  Looking back, Dr. Jones definitely steered me towards this idea.  I observed some things, and he said ‘Hey, take a look at this concept, maybe that is the underlying cause for observations.’  At which point I looked in the literature and sure as shit, there were papers supporting that idea.  Anyway, I’m done rambling for now.  I am really thinking I’m in a great position.

Things are going well on the homefront, I think Pam just got a little jittery and anxious, she is dealing with some health problems and that is stressing her.  Also, she hadn’t been to work in like 4 days, which life gets boring after a while.  I have tons of things to work on, I can read journal articles, read blogs, write blogs, play madden, Nintendo, I mean it is easy for me to occupy myself.  Pam, it is a lot harder, she isn’t in to games like I am, and she doesn’t have side projects, so she gets bored.  This weekend we are going to two concerts, one for her, one for me, should be a great time.  Gonna get drunk****.  Life is really really good, I think I’m in a really good spot.

*counting the lab I work in

**Round about 60 read fully, 47 have detailed notes, the other 13 were useless, but interesting.  I know that isn’t that many considering it isn’t unusual for papers to cite over 100 sources, but it is a really good survey of the literature in 2 weeks, and I think I have a much better grasp on things than I did weeks ago.

***specially since I don’t have a committee lined up

****though not at the same time because that would irresponsible, wow I’m getting old.


~ by epiphron13 on July 29, 2010.

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