Why the Silence?

I haven’t posted in many days, because well, nothing has happened worth mentioning.  We went to a concert.  Actually 2 concerts.   The tickets were kind of a two fer, I only wanted to see one of the bands, but for an extra 10 bucks what the fuck, may as well get both.  The first act was better than I thought they would be, considering I couldn’t name one of their songs before the concert and I can now name one, and I know I know 2 others.  But they were good showman, and did a good job.  The other are legendary rockers, who were most prominent in the 80’s.  They were not part of the hair metal trend, and their music still tends to transcend that genre, really if you like blues, and you like rock, these guys are right up your ally.  They were great, put on a great show, did a great job, it was awesome.  Oh, and after the first concert there was oil wrestling, which was a new experience for me, it was essentially a strip show.  While I’m not opposed to stripping on principal*, it always makes me uncomfortable for some odd reason, so we didn’t stay long.

I also learned a new technique in the lab, I would say it is the least pleasant part of this field, but it is necessary.  It isn’t complicated, but there are some things that you need to know, and senior lab grad student was happy to show me.  So that was quite interesting.

Beyond that, there has been nothing interesting?  Sorry, it is kind of a slow time right now until my adviser gets back, then hopefully I will be able to start writing my thesis proposal.

*It isn’t my place to judge why those women do what they do, they are obviously ok with it, that being said I don’t financially support the profession, I just come home to Pam.


~ by epiphron13 on August 4, 2010.

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