Getting what you deserve…

After complaining about life being pretty dull yesterday, I had my share of excitement today.

Our landlord doesn’t know that we have shithead, and while he said he would allow us to get a cat, he wants a 500 dollar deposit.  We don’t have 500 dollars.  Well, our A/C has been acting kind of strange recently, not very effective, so I probed him a little bit, and he said the attic needs insulation, and our filters probably need changing, no big deal, he will come over tomorrow to change the filter.  Shit…

So I decided I would just take shithead for a car ride before he gets here and then come back after he was done.  He came early, a half hour early.  Fortunately I had everything packed in the car for the most part and was about to grab shithead and go, so there weren’t any cat related objects lying around the house.  Shithead was being, well a shithead all morning, so when I locked him in the bathroom, he was quiet for about 10 minutes, and then began to meow.  I nearly shit my pants.  I don’t know if the landlord heard, but he didn’t say anything, which is fine by me.  We are going to pay him the deposit, we just need to time to get it together.  So after that, I let the cat out and was petting him so he wouldn’t meow.  Landlord needed to borrow my chair, so he came back.  Again, cat in bathroom, hope he doesn’t hear.  Our landlord is really decent, so while I don’t think he would be pleased with it, he wouldn’t make us get rid of him.  Still to much excitement.

After all that, I wasn’t going to go in to work, because there really isn’t anything to do, but one of my labmates needed help with her experiment, so I went in and helped out.  Took about an ten minutes, followed by a half hour of talking, then we did animal care and I headed home for the day.  Been here ever since enjoying the peace and quiet of not having anyone around.


~ by epiphron13 on August 5, 2010.

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