In which Shithead lives up to his name…

The asshole.

So last night our cat decided to get in to Pam’s yarn.  Not only did he drag it all over the place, he made intricate designs and patterns across our apartment, it was almost like he did it on purpose.  Pam was not pleased.  He was squirted with the water bottle and put in the bathroom, but he kept meowing, so he kept getting squirted, finally Pam and I decided on new tactic, completely ignoring him.  When he meows he gets locked in the bathroom until he is quiet for about a half hour.  I am sure he is not pleased with this, but isn’t that the point of punishment.  We are beginning the think he meows to attract our attention so we will chase after him with the squirt bottle.  Course, now we still have to chase after him…maybe just completely ignoring will help the situation.  This morning he would meow and then when I chased after him he would hide under the bed.  Finally I got sick of his little game, grabbed the bed and moved it across the floor, and then grabbed him, squirted him and he is now in lock-down for an appreciable amount of time.  I swear we have a demon cat.  I should have known better than to get one that is all black.

Adviser comes back tomorrow I think?  I need to send him and email and schedule a time to meet with him so I can go over what I’ve found and start working on something else.  It has been rather slow otherwise.

We now have two new neighbors!  Yea!!! I hope they are not douchebags.


~ by epiphron13 on August 7, 2010.

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