Feeling Odd…

Not sure what is up, but I don’t quite feel right.

I was tired this morning but couldn’t go back to sleep after Pam left for work.  I felt weak and tired, not my usual self.  There are a couple of possible explanations.  1.  I had a few to many cocktails last night, which negatively impacted the quality of sleep I received.  2. I am getting sick*.  3.  The weight loss is causing my muscles to atrophy**.   Whatever the cause, I am not pleased.  I am hoping it goes away by this afternoon.

One of our neighbors hooked the entire apartment up with internet, and we are going to split the bill, it should only be about 7 or 8 bucks a month, which I am very cool with.  So we are going to look in to cable, which will be more like 90 bucks a month (eek!)  We remain couchless until financial aid arrives, which means cable is a no go until that point also.  *yawn*  maybe I need a redbull?  AHA!  Coffee!  Oh coffee, how could I neglect thee for my Monday morning blogging/house cleaning?  And some tunes….yes…tunes.  I digress…

This post is becoming very stream of consciousness.  I think I lack the ability to filter and edit like I would be able to on a normal day.  I kind of like it.

On the agenda, go to work, send email to adviser, set up meeting, read a few journal articles, come home, change laundry, do some stats homework, play some Madden, cook dinner, and then just relax for the day.

I’m going to go clean, maybe I can do a post with some kind of substance later in the day?


*Fucking better not be!  Why the hell am I taking those horrible tasting Vitamin C tabs if I am getting sick?

**Doesn’t seem likely, the weight loss has been slow and gradual, I have remained as active as I always am, and try to do pushups on a regular basis to keep my arms their normal strength.


~ by epiphron13 on August 9, 2010.

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