It seems like yesterday was my first day at MRU, and now in one short week, it will be my first day of classes.  There is still little to do to prepare, but that will change shortly.  In a couple days I will be getting the run down on the lab I will be TAing.  Which will likely mean that I need to start preparing for it.  What that preparing consists of I have no idea, but I will find out.

I am not going to take stats this fall, I will do it later, I am going to take a biology course more suited to what I actually do.  Now I just need to determine which course, I have two to choose from, and I have an inkling which one I will select, but there is a thing or two I need to decide on first.  It shouldn’t take me to long, I will have a decision by this afternoon likely.  Not taking stats takes a load off my mind, I was seriously worried about that course. While I still need to take it, I will be better prepared, and maybe I can even take it with research hours so I have an easy semester when I do take it.  That isn’t a bad idea.  It kind of amazes me how few course I actually need to take to get a Master’s degree.  of course it is about research now and not course work.  I am looking forward to getting started and learning what is expected of me.  In the meantime it is sit and wait.


~ by epiphron13 on August 16, 2010.

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