On Catching Up

I have finally entered the 21st century and set up an RSS feed.  Opening everyone’s blogs and then closing the ones that didn’t post anything seemed slightly time consuming.  In addition to that new fangled technology, I have also set up my computer’s Outlook account and hooked it up with my university email.  Sweet!  But if that wasn’t enough, I also found out how to hook my computer up to the network, so that now when I press print, Wham-O, it prints in the lab near my office!  OMG this is so fucking cool!  I’m all teched up for the start of the new semester.

With that being said, it is raining and I have to walk to work.  CRAP!

I also have an appointment with a doctor to see how hazardous the animals I am working with are*.  I will likely recieve a tetanus shot.  Shit…Otherwise a boring day on my plate.

The university is beginning to come alive, more and more people are walking about, you see parents escorting kids around, kids escorting parents, and kids escort

ing kids.  It is all confusing, but exciting.  I also observed a very heavy set man in a kilt standing by a car.  It was kind of out of place considering I’m no

Look at their beady red eyes, ready to pounce on you and spread disease unto the masses!

t in Scotland, or for that matter anywhere near Scotland.  Oh well.Have a good day!


They are maniacal as a box full of kittens.


~ by epiphron13 on August 17, 2010.

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