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Traffic is up quite a bit since Tuesday, I am guessing it is due to the carnival.  So welcome all newcomers, feel free to stay and comment or whatever.

Today is the last day of orientation.  I have a feeling this class is going to blow.  The professor who runs the show is a science education professor.  So the course is run very different from most classes.  It is very hands on, a lot of doing, a lot of independence.  While it seems like he has some great ideas, but I have always been of the thought that the intro courses are for one thing, to prepare students for what is ahead of them.  What is ahead of them is professors who are going to lecture all the time, and then give the students a couple of tests, and that determines their final grade.  Some throw in a paper, or a presentation, but that is pretty much it.  Students need to know that and be prepared for that.  The other issue is he wants all the kids to pass.  The harsh reality of any biology program is there will be more people who attempt than will make it.  That is true of most majors, but there seem to be many who fail in biology.  The intro course should be rigorous and represent the time commitment required to succeed in the program.  If the student can’t handle it, you save them time, if they flunk out the first semester, they can choose a different major, and not waste more than one semester.  A cruel to be kind type thing.  Many of my friends who started out as bio majors didn’t hack it, they switched to different majors and now are very successful in their fields.  They were just in the wrong spot, it happens.  If they would have passed the first class and then found out they were in the wrong spot, a whole year was wasted.  Those are my thoughts on how a intro course should be run, but hey, what do I know?

I should get rolling, busy day!  Have a good day…


~ by epiphron13 on August 20, 2010.

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