CPP very politely pointed out that the style of this blog can in fact be difficult to read.  I looked at it and found no such problem, however, I do realize I don’t actually read this blog so if anyone else thinks it is hard to read post a comment saying so, and I will change it.

Classes start today.  I don’t have any actual classes today, but the rest of the world does.  It will be interesting to see a college 6x the size of SPLAC in full swing.  Most of my day will be spent preparing for the labs I teach later this week.  I also have to talk to a few professors and touch base with them,and have a meeting later tonight.  I should have plenty to do.

I had 54 hits on the day the carnival was posted, which is a full 8 times busier than previously.  Yesterday I had 8 hits, which is above average, but not to high, so I am not sure if I have picked up any regular readers or not.  Seeing 54 hits made me nervous.  I like being low volume, I enjoy hiding in the back channels of the blogospere.  We will see how volume will change in the coming weeks.


~ by epiphron13 on August 23, 2010.

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