Geeka has an interesting post about how she ended up where she is.  I like knowing people’s background and stories, I think it gives a clearer idea about what they value and what made them who they are.  In that respect I have decided to blog about how I ended up here.  I may have done this in the past, I can’t remember to be honest, but whatever.

When I was young all things science and history interested me for whatever reason.  I remember being very young and asking my parents many annoying questions.  More often than not they would tell me to look it up in encyclopedia.  They still comment on how annoying I was as a kid and kept asking ‘but why?’  I looked many of those things up in the encyclopedia, and sometimes would even read entries just out of curiosity.  I was always curious about everything.  I wanted to know how everything worked.  My parents encouraged me to explore science and history more, buying me books related to the subjects and other things like that.  I was also fortunate enough to have excellent science teachers all the through elementary, middle school and high school.  To this day I always say science teachers are the coolest.

When I started college I didn’t have the best grades*.  They were not horrible, I was just a little below a 3.0, but I wasn’t going to Harvard.  I was able to get in to PLAC, no scholarships and no support from my parents.  I also wasn’t poor enough to qualify for ridiculous amounts of financial aid, so financing my undergrad was difficult.  I started out as a secondary ed major, with an emphasis on biology education.  I took my biology classes, and had every intention of getting my teaching certificate, but it is a lot of hoops, just ridiculous hoops to be honest, and I just never did?  Along the way, I was selected to a prestigious program that prepares undergrads for grad school.  The more I talked to my advisers in that program the more I was sold on grad school, and slowly the whole teaching thing went away.

At PLAC, I completed an undergraduate research project, and completed my major, again my GPA wasn’t the best, but it was better than high school, and in particular my last three semesters were amazing.  I pulled a solid, but not great, GRE score, wrote an amazing statement of purpose and worked really hard to establish personal connections at each of the universities I applied to.  I established the personal connection because I wanted to know the personality of the people I would be working with.  I wanted to know how they responded to things, how they talked, what their mannerisms were and so on and so forth.  I really vetted potential advisers and watched for red flags.  By the time I was done with that whole process I had 5 schools to apply to, 4 of the schools would have been amazing, the 5th was kind of a crap shoot, but could be amazing.  I applied to all five, and was accepted to all five.  Which is great, but it was very difficult to choose between 5 advisers who I had established a relationship with, and could see myself working with all five.  In the end I choose the largest school.  Looking back I feel like I made the right decision, every indication so far has confirmed my decision as the correct one.  My adviser is universally liked, respected and knowledgeable.  The school is friendly and nice.  The location, well the location is average on a good day, but whatever.  I am really in the best place possible to succeed.

There is a synopsis, hopefully that gives perspective on who I am, and where I came from.

*Common theme in this blog


~ by epiphron13 on August 30, 2010.

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