Need to get work done

I have a paper that is due in a month and a half, which seems like a long way off, but it is a rather intense paper.  I need to get rolling on it.  I’ve started but that is about it.  Most of my day today will be spent grading papers, entering grades, and reading journal articles.  The fabulous life of a graduate student, or at least I am learning it is.  The busy part of my week is about to hit me, today is my last slow day until the weekend.  Thursday and Friday are always assholes and elbows all day, and then it is catch up Saturday and Sunday.  I need to synthesize my ideas and get them more compact.

In other news, our couch arrived, 2 days ahead of schedule.  YAY!!!!  Also, Pam’s shiny new laptop arrived, on time.  YAY!!!!  Yesterday was a good day, now all I need is for my battery, charger, and kicks to get here and life will be grand!  YAY!!!!

Off to work.


~ by epiphron13 on September 1, 2010.

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