I have a small conundrum, we wish to have a social gathering, however, we don’t have the room to invite everyone in the department.  Or for that matter all the grad students.  I want to get a few of the people I get along with best, but don’t want to be exclusive to people.  I would invite everyone, however, space is the limiting factor.  That and the older grad students seem to dominate things and are rather intimidating to be honest, I kind of just want it to be the noobs.  Going about this will be a delicate and intricate maneuver that requires the utmost attention to detail.

Speaking of exclusiveness, I have discovered where the major rift in the department lies.  City vs. country folk.  Basically rednecks vs. townies.  I have been thrown in with the town people, despite the fact I know more about cows than anyone in the department, own my own bow and three guns and can probably out shoot anyone besides the ex-marine sharpshooter*.  I have probably also shot more deer than any of them, yet I am still a city folk.  Whatever, I guess it is because I don’t eat sleep and breath hunting, and have no pictures of dead deer hanging on my walls.  They also seem to be a dwindling group, and I don’t think it will be a problem, looking at the new people coming in, there appears to be quite a bit of cohesiveness, and I think we will be good to go.  Well, off to work.

*Seriously though, that is bad ass…


~ by epiphron13 on September 14, 2010.

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