Weekend update and weekday forecast…

Last weekend was good, Friday night was Pam and I alone time, we just hung out, watched some TV and enjoyed being together with nothing particular to do.  Saturday, a few of the newbies got together and nerded out, much hilarity ensued, it was a really good time.  I got a pretty good cohort going on here…Sunday, breakfast/lunch out, and then football Sunday in which the Packers whooped ass, and the Vikings lost their second game.  Fuck the Vikings!  That afternoon we had a lab social, it was great fun, and nice to relax with the people we work with.  Learned some new things, that is for sure…

This week better promise to be more productive than the last, I want to finish that review article that has been hanging over my head.  I’m still ahead of what most people would consider appropriate, but due to the size of the damn thing and since I need at least one published scientist to read it over and make sure I’m not a complete and total fuck up, I want to give that someone at least two weeks or so.  Regardless, I want it done this week so while said published scientist is reviewing it, I can study for the exam and prepare my own lecture.  I’ve pretty much cleared my plate of big projects for now, and I should be good to go, now I just need to finish.  That being said, I may as well get a head start now.


~ by epiphron13 on September 20, 2010.

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