Done writing

Not really, not even close really, I’m not even as done as I think I am.  That being said, the beastly paper is in a form where it can be called done.  I want to add a paragraph at the bottom to cover a minor detail, I will probably rewrite the second to last paragraph, because that is what I do, and I don’t like my conclusions, they are vague and don’t have anything real hard, so I may either just chop off the concluding remarks, as it is simply a summary paper, or remain vague.  I have only a slight interest in this field, I really have no interesting or fantastical thoughts, and I mostly wrote it to add breadth to the understanding of my field, so I don’t care if it gets published, and I kind of hope it doesn’t.  I am mostly excited because I now have something tangible and I can focus my efforts elsewhere.

Big test is today, I have prepared like I prepare for every test I have ever taken.  If I do not do well, it will tell me volumes about myself, my alma mater, and my current university*.  Basically, if I do poorly, preparing as much as I did, it means my SLAC is not up to snuff, or at least my education was on up to snuff, because if I were taking this test at SLAC from one of my old profs, I’d rock the shit out of it.  However, if I rock the shit out of it, or even get a decent grade, that means that I am at least on par.  Being on par I can deal with.

Big day today.  Glad it isn’t a long one.

*or at least my former professors and my current professor


~ by epiphron13 on September 28, 2010.

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