Alone on a Saturday

Pam is working all day, and while I love her and enjoy her company, I really enjoy having the day to myself also.  I have tons of things I am looking forward to.  I started off making myself breakfast, a delicious omelette with homemade hashbrowns and a big glass of milk.  After that I cleaned the kitchen and took the sheets off the bed to be washed.  I then turned in an assignment early, and I am now grading papers.  After I finish grading papers, I will walk to school quickly and grab some more work that I didn’t plan on taking home, and will finish that as well.  Then I will add a few paragraphs to the beastly paper, and that will be finished.  Then I have total and complete free time* until Pam comes home later this evening.  I will start cooking dinner about an hour before she gets home so it is waiting for her.  Pretty damn good day if you ask me!

One thing I hate about grading papers is they have this ass backwards grading sheet set up.  It is completely possible for a student to write a horrendous paper and still get a 95%.  I mean, some of this kids have no concept of flow, or style or transitions for that matter, they need grammar 101.  While my grammar sucks, and I am not one to criticize, they need to improve significantly to make it.  I’m not really a good person to critique grammar at all, I should hand it to Pam and have her tear them up.  The thing that really gets me is the lack of a smooth transition, I mean, they don’t even try to move smoothly, their writing is so jerky, it is really hard to read.  No matter what notes I put, they don’t really seem to care.  I guess I will have to start taking points off…

*Video games?  I think so…


~ by epiphron13 on October 16, 2010.

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