Things get hectic

I’m one for foresight…I prefer not to let shit sneak up on me.  Turns out next week I have a presentation*, a kick my ass test, and a paper due.  Actually they are all due within two days.  Joy.  Because I am that obnoxious kid who starts everything early, I need to get started meow.  If I can pound out the paper before the weekend, I will be good to go, just polish the presentation, polish the paper, and study for the test, all of which I can do in that time frame.  However, if I don’t finish the paper, I am in a lot of trouble.  Today I intend to finish the paper, start studying for the test, and just sit on the presentation**.  Hopefully I can get a significant amount of work done.

I’ve said this before, but after those things are done, my schedule gets much lighter.  I’m sure there is something lurking that I haven’t considered, but hey, that is in the future.

There is always something lurking.

*A real big boy presentation at a conference

**Currently under review by my adviser.


~ by epiphron13 on October 27, 2010.

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