It seems academia is all about the grind.  You feel like right around the corner, your workload will lighten and life will be easier, but it is just an illusion.  It is merely a fantasy.  It may be true that in a week you can take several things off your plate, but that doesn’t mean you workload will lighten, because someone is going to dump an shit ton on work on you again.  So I guess you keep grinding away until you find that spot where the mirage becomes reality* and you can finally relax.

Today is election day, a most important day, or at least I am told.  I will not be voting due to a disconnect between where I am, and where I am allowed to vote, I really haven’t moved to establish myself a resident here, but at the same time this is my permanent residence.  It seemed like to much work** to vote here, and voting where I used to live would be immoral, considering they don’t represent me anymore.  It also appears that back home all my guys are much safer than I originally thought.  So I am not worried about it.  That being said I am following election day very closely.  I want to see how the tea baggers alter this election.  I hope they don’t change things much.  I’d like to see them divide the republicans amongst themselves, but in reality I feel like they are going to put some real nutjobs in office.  Shit…Watch and pray is all we can do.

*Break?  Graduation? Tenure?  Death?

**and money


~ by epiphron13 on November 2, 2010.

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