Well, looks like the democrats got their ass whooped.  Their lead in the Senate is trimmed down to a sad majority.  Several prominent progressive leaders have been defeated.  While it could have been much worse*, there is a virtual sea of red on the political map.  There are a couple results that surprise me at a casual glance, the first being Jim Oberstar losing his seat, he has been a member of the house since 1975.  I thought his seat was very safe, but he seems to have been edged out by a narrow margin.  Barney Frank pulled off a win, I thought he was dead in the water, but he seemed to do pretty well actually.  Christine O’Donnell got beat, thank God, she was a crazy lady and a tea party starlet, but it appears even the tea party can’t get bat shit crazy elected**.  The biggest loss of the night for me personally is Russ Feingold, I’m not overly surprised considering he is a big supporter of health care, which is not the most popular topic these days, I’ve followed his political career with some interest, because of his views and his potential.  I’d like to see him run again for Governor of Wisconsin sometime in the future.  However, that is completely up to him.

It just goes to show you how fickle the American people are.  Last year, overwhelming swing for the democrats, this year, things have swung back, and hard…I’m so sick of hearing the term ‘crazy liberal scheme.’  It makes me sick.  Ugh…fuck politics.

*They nearly lost the Senate too…

**Opinion only…


~ by epiphron13 on November 3, 2010.

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