Then the quiet…

It is strange because I feel like I should have more to do, but there are no pressing assignments right now.  Everything is going fairly smooth.  I should have an initial proposal to my adviser this afternoon, and today my only task at hand is to work on some essays for another class.  Make revisions and improvements, both of which are doable in one day.

I still haven’t received word on how that test went, but I am shaking with worry over what I got.  I don’t wanna flunk out of grad school!!!  I like it here…One promising feature of the test was one student completed it before me.  I almost am always the first one done with a test, so if someone completed it before me, they are either insanely dedicated and talented or didn’t have a fucking clue.  The kid sits in front of me, I can see what he does during class, that is when he shows up, I’d say he didn’t have a clue is more likely.  Hopefully he messes with the average a little bit.

The talk went well.  There is a prize for the section I presented in, but I haven’t received word who won.  I doubt it is a significant prize, so I am not worrying about it.

Otherwise I am just waiting to hear back from grants and just chugging along through the semester.  Like I said, things are slow right now, so I hope to take advantage of the situation and get a little ahead.  We shall see…


~ by epiphron13 on November 9, 2010.

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