Getting Along

Recently Pam and I went down to the local tavern to hang out with a senior member of my lab.  She had been drinking, but was not drunk by any means.  Anyway, for whatever reason she chose to discuss politics and religion.  There is an old rule, never discuss politics or religion in a bar.  I guess it holds true, because we do not agree on anything political.  Furthermore, my religious views are very laid back in nature, i.e. you’re not hurting me, fine we can play nice.  Hers are more aggressive.  Anyway, we had a long conversation, about two hours long to be honest, and the differences between us became apparent. Needless to say, the discussion turned in to a debate*.  I’ve been upset about it the last couple days.  On one hand, Pam really likes her**, and so do I, and I value her friendship.  Furthermore, we are in the same lab, so getting along is important to me.  On the other, I’m not going to lie down and agree with her for those reasons.  Hopefully, she can take the differences in stride.  I am entitled to my own opinion and interpretation of the world, as she is.  Hopefully we remain friends.


* I’d say I lost, it was a hard argument, she has a better knowledge of the Bible had trump cards I couldn’t (wouldn’t?) play (i.e. You’re going to hell if you believe that)

**and her family


~ by epiphron13 on November 11, 2010.

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