Ever look at your blog…

…and say damn, I have nothing to say?

I was going to post yesterday but I didn’t have anything to talk about.  So I refrained.  It amazes me that day after day female science professor can put out original posts that are worth reading.  You’d think at some point since she started her blog* she would have ran out of something interesting to talk about.  Another thing that amazes me about her blog is her ability to talk vaguely about any subject.  She tells us things about her life, but never anything that could allow us to connect the dots and even begin to guess as to who she is.  All while raising a child, being married, and working as a tenured professor, where does she find the time?  I don’t have any of those pressures and I can’t find a subject to talk about every day…It is impressive.

Enough about her, back to my world.  As part of a class we are expected to write a proposal for external funding.  I think it is great, it is a good experience for us to get a taste of writing for money, and hey, we may get money.  However, one of the interesting things is that you start working with one person, the class instructor, then as the project develops, you switch to your adviser.  I just got the final set of corrections back from my adviser, and he deleted something the instructor inserted.  I thought it was hilarious, because I didn’t particularly care for the word choice.  What it shows me is that while my professors write much better than I do, they are by no means infallible, and occasionally choose words poorly.  Also, style is a looser concept than what I originally viewed it as.  The Elements of Style is completely about grammar and composition, however, style is choosing a word.  Penchant or love?  Nebulous or disconnected?  Pivotal or Important?  Noise or cacophony?  In essence they mean the same thing, but your choice tells the reader about yourself and about the subject you are writing about.  I’ve thought more about writing in the last few months than I have at any time prior in my life.  It is probably one of the areas I need to improve upon the most, and it is my project for the Winter.  Hopefully, my writing improves daily through writing this blog, but we shall see.  I guess you the readers shall see…

*An undefined date, possibly during the Truman administration?**

**I in no way am attempting to imply she is old, simply that in blog years, hers is one of the older ones.


~ by epiphron13 on November 19, 2010.

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