Busy couple weeks

I have had a busy couple weeks as you can imagine.  I got my fellowship submitted* on time.  Following that, the week was pretty slow, so I got a little ahead for this week.  Then Pam’s family came down and now the work is starting to pile up.  Fuck.  It isn’t anything tremendous, I should be able to finish all of it today with time to spare, but I have a feeling things will continue to pile up and it will end up being a quite a busy week.  I am going to try to get ahead for finals and make some note cards now.  I will likely have to review of 750 for this final**, so it is important to get a head start and not waste time.  There are no pressing projects from my thesis that need to be accomplished right now, so I should be able to devote my attention entirely to my final.

Then the semester ends.  My first semester in grad school.  I have determined I belong.  I have what it takes and I am in the right spot, which is a comforting feeling.  I just need to keep my head on, get my work done and keep doing what I do and I will have no problems.  Now the question is, where do I do my Ph.D.?   Here?  Somewhere else?  How I do talk to Dr. Jones about getting a Ph.D.?  I am starting to get more comfortable with him, but I’m still not entirely comfortable with him.  I guess I will figure it out.

Well, off to work, I’m running a little behind.

*Barely, thanks a lot undergrad fucking department of records you ass hats

**Most I’ve already memorized, which should make it easier, but may as well get started…


~ by epiphron13 on November 29, 2010.

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