Productive semester

The semester is winding down, and I figure I will take a quick assessment of what I’ve done.

I haven’ t been kicked out, or been flunked out, and as far as I can tell, my adviser doesn’t think I’m a moron.  As a point of fact, I have done well in my classes, and should have a higher GPA than I have ever had before.  In addition I’ve impressed several faculty.

I have submitted one grant proposal and one fellowship proposal.  Still no word back from either of them, but that isn’t surprising.

I have done some post-hoc analysis of data that was recovered before I was here.  I have found some interesting results, enough to generate a talk and get my name on the publication when it comes out*.

I have been a teaching assistant for the whole semester and developed a good relationship with my students.  I like them, they like me, life is good. In addition I’ve given a lecture in front of a senior level course that didn’t go terribly.

I’ve met some great people and gone to great parties and had some great times.  I’ve only pissed off one person, and he/she isn’t even in my department, so whatever.

I’d say I had a really good semester.  Hopefully next semester will be equally or more productive.

*That may be a while, it sounds like my PI is dragging his feet on that, but damn!  First semester and I already got a pub?!


~ by epiphron13 on December 7, 2010.

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