The End.

Today is the last day I deal with my students.  It is a sad thing, but also a good thing.  I’ve learned to like them, but I certainly will not miss grading their shitty papers.  Good God…

A couple different things are going on.  First off, we have been invited by another lab member to their Christmas, and while that is a really nice offer, I am dreading it.  I am not a holiday person, I don’t like it when people make a fuss relating to me in anyway, so I am dreading the inevitable question “So isn’t it hard to not see your family on Christmas?”

No, for the last 7 years of my life I couldn’t afford to drive home, see my parents on Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or Easter, or my birthday, or any other damn occasion.  What is so different about this year?  I don’t dislike the holidays, but I’ve always felt guilty that I haven’t been able to get presents for my family.  I mean they buy me stuff, but a lot of times my head is barely above water.  Lets just say my graduate stipend hasn’t improved my financial lot significantly. ***

Furthermore, I think it will just be awkward.  All those people, many whom we don’t know, kids running around, pandemonium.  Lost of people with different political views *, just more than I want to deal with.  So why am I going?  Pam wants to go.  She loves Christmas, she loves family, this year will be hard on her, being so far away.  Tears may be shed.  Basically, if it makes her life easier, I will do it. 

I’m obviously not watching Pam die, but I really enjoy that song.  It is so deep and real.  I really want to know the back story.  Perhaps love is doing unpleasant things for the other.  She certainly does things she doesn’t enjoy for me.**

*I’m in the minority, I already know that.

**Watching science nerdy shows and football.

***I’ve been called cold before because I often times don’t appear to feel.  Those who really know me know I feel, I’m really callus or jaded.


~ by epiphron13 on December 10, 2010.

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